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Radio MOF

“When I was in the wild in New Zealand, I thought about myself, my life, my job. I still had the company, I worked in the health sector with people with disabilities. On the other hand, I also had a small construction company. But it was not something that would make me happy, that would put me on fire.

And, I said to myself, what do I really want to do? I really like to walk in the wilderness, to be alone, to meet different people and cultures along the way with my backpack. So, I said OK, if I really want to be an adventurer, I have to do something really crazy! And – he did! “Said 34-year-old Tom Boerma, who in May this year in the Netherlands went on foot across Europe as one of the seven continents wishing to trodden for fiveyears, to cover 40,000 kilometers and inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and not live in fear of the unknown.

Your souldier

A few years ago, a lot went wrong in my life, on many levels it was a mess. Then I made a bucket list – everything I wanted to do before I died. Many people around me have passed away and that has had a big impact on me. Life is so incredibly short.

People live in their own created prison, without realizing it. For many people, working five days is the norm so they can buy an even bigger house, an even more expensive car, even more stuff. They don’t care about the choices they make. They no longer like their job but can’t switch because they are tied to their mortgage, to fixed costs, to their partner. People are addicted to stuff and therefor they create their own prison and somewhere also their ruin. There are too many people who have never really lived.