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Meet Tom Boerman, the Dutchman walking across every continent—including Antarctica. Once suicidal, depressed, and battling addiction, he decided to quit his job, sell his house and possessions, and travel full time. He combines road walking and trail hiking, sleeps in people’s yards, and walks for the experience rather than towards a particular goal. Two years into his epic plans, he has already traversed Europe, the Middle East, and part of North America and is currently chipping away at Australia.

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‘I sold my house and just started walking’ As Dutchman Tom Boerman regales his hiking buddy with tales of hairy border crossings, Croatian prisons and camp cook-ups, it’s clear he is enamoured with his mission. His mission is to be the first person to walk across all seven continents, yes – even Antarctica.

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Tom Boerman found a novel way to reset his life after drug rehabilitation. He decided to walk on all continents while enduring several weeks of scorching heat in North America, copping fines for walking on the road in Europe and crossing the Turkish border with drug smugglers – all for a cause. Or two.

In May last year, Tom Boerman left the Netherlands, his home country, to walk around the world. He has been at it for 425 days now. He doesn’t count kilomteres because walking is his life.

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Tom Boerman, a Dutchman, started last May to walk around the world; a trip like that will take many years to complete. We spoke about his fascinating journey, his motivation, and his experiences.

On the morning of May 8th, 2021, Tom Boerman shouldered his backpack, added some food for a few days, waved goodbye to family and friends, and walked out of the Dutch town of Sliedrecht. Then he started a walk around the world of 40.000 kilometers, which is about 25,000 miles. Tom hopes to become the first-ever to follow a route that includes all seven continents, including Antarctica.

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„Кога бев во дивина во Нов Зеланд, размислував за мене, животот, работата. Се’ уште ја имав компанијата, работев во здравствен сектор со лица со пречки во развојот. Од друга страна, имав и мала компанија за градежништво. Но, тоа не беше нешто што ќе ме прави среќен, што ќе ме стави во ‘оган’. И, си реков, што навистина сакам да правам? 

Навистина ми се допаѓа да пешачам во дивина, да бидам сам, попатно со ранецот на грб да среќавам различни луѓе и култури. Така што, реков ОК, ако навистина сакам да бидам авантурист, морам да направам нешто ептен лудо! И – го направив!“, вели 34-годишниот Том Боерман, кој од мај годинава од Холандија тргна пеш низ цела Европа, како еден од седумте континенти што сака да ги изоди во тек на пет години, да помине 40.000 километри и да ги инспирира луѓето да излезат од комфор-зоната и да не живеат во страв од непознатото.

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A few years ago, a lot went wrong in my life, on many levels it was a mess. Then I made a bucket list – everything I wanted to do before I died. Many people around me have passed away and that has had a big impact on me. Life is so incredibly short.

People live in their own created prison, without realizing it. For many people, working five days is the norm so they can buy an even bigger house, an even more expensive car, even more stuff. They don’t care about the choices they make. They no longer like their job but can’t switch because they are tied to their mortgage, to fixed costs, to their partner. People are addicted to stuff and therefor they create their own prison and somewhere also their ruin. There are too many people who have never really lived.