Do we not all have the need to contribute to the bigger picture?

At the time I came up with the ridiculous idea to walk around the world, I instantly knew that I would combine it with charity. There’s so much distress going on in the world that I simply can’t continuing living for my own purpose anymore. This decision don’t stand alone.

I was depressed for more than 18 years. Besides suicidal periods, I was addicted and spent over a year in rehab. Which was probably one of the best year in my life so far. I learned many valuable life lessons. It’s all about collecting moments, not things.

“In the end it only matters what we took and gave according the world”

(Tom Boerman)

During rehab, I promised myself that once I got out of it I’d be there for anyone who needs help, a word, some thoughts, or just simply just to talk. Because of this I started the Walk Around The World Foundation.

Ì will walk around the world as a living embodiment of hope. I feel that the reason we are all here, our purpose of being, is to help others find their little piece of happiness and heaven right here on earth. Like others did to me.

I will reveal more details during my walk. This walk is such a big undertaking that I need full focus on getting into my walking and living rhythm first.